Plastic sheet machine plastic sheet production line

Plastic sheet machine plastic sheet production line

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Steel spiral bellows product description:

The reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated pipe is characterized by high density polyethylene (PE) as the matrix (inner and outer layer), the surface coated with adhesive resin steel strip into a waveform as the main support structure, and Polyethylene material wrapped around the formation of the overall spiral corrugated pipe. Therefore, this product can be steel high stiffness, high strength and plastic corrosion resistance, wear resistance and flexibility and other characteristics of organic combination.

The key to the success of metal reinforcement is to ensure that steel and plastic bonding firm. This requires that the steel be firmly adhered to the plastic, and that any separation between the two layers is not allowed. For the best combination of performance, we have done a lot of research and testing in the development of the pipeline. The current process is to precoat special resin on the steel strip as the middle layer of steel and plastic. In addition, the process temperature, pressure and cooling time should be strictly controlled, steel and plastic layers are in the most appropriate temperature to perfect welding.

Another key to achieving metal reinforcement is to protect the metal layer that is susceptible to corrosion. In the structural design of the MRP tube, the steel ribs are completely covered with polyethylene inside and outside. Contact with the transport of liquid and the surrounding soil and groundwater inside and outside the surface is a certain thickness of the polyethylene layer. So the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the metal-reinforced winding structure wall tube is guaranteed.

This type of pipe has a variety of reliable connection methods, can be adapted to a variety of different engineering needs.

Steel spiral corrugated pipe performance characteristics:

Through more than 100 domestic and foreign production lines running, showing a superior advantage and full of competitiveness:
   1) high ring stiffness
It is easy to achieve SN8, SN12.5 and SN16, or even higher. On the other hand, this steel pipe as the middle layer, the inner and outer layers of polyethylene plastic steel-plastic composite pipe corrosion resistance is also very good.

   2) Save material costs

Compared with other plastic pipes with the same diameter and ring stiffness, steel reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated tubes can save nearly half of the material consumption, polyethylene only 2/3 of the overall weight of the composite pipe;
   3) the perfect combination of steel and plastic

Steel and plastic bonding firm, any two layers will not occur between the separation phenomenon.

   4) a variety of connections

This type of pipe has a variety of reliable connection methods, such as thermal belt connection, electric hot melt connection, Kraft connection, socket connection, can be adapted to a variety of different engineering needs.

Of course, MRP tube also retains the advantages of many plastic drains, such as reliable water, long working life, good flexibility, wear, light weight, easy to install and so on.

Application of steel spiral corrugated pipe:

Steel spiral corrugated pipe is mainly used in drainage system


Steel spiral corrugated pipe produced by spiral steel bellows:




 Plastic sheet machine
Plastic sheet machine
 plastic sheet production line
plastic sheet production line
 Plastic sheet machine plastic sheet production line
Plastic sheet machine plastic sheet production line

Plastic sheet machine promotes the development of plastic products
With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and people’s life rhythm has been accelerating. This has made people’s demand for convenient products more and more, especially for disposable plastic products, which is the rapid development of this era. The product. Its convenience and quickness are well adapted to the rhythm of contemporary life, which is why disposable plastic products have rapidly developed. The appearance and rapid development of plastic machinery equipment such as sheet machines have also laid a solid foundation for the development of disposable plastic products.
Sheet machine is a kind of plastic machinery equipment composed of host machine, heat exchanger, mold, press, conveying table, tractor, winding machine and so on. Accurate structure, stable performance. The various components interact with each other in the production process to achieve a high-speed, high-efficiency production of the sheet machine. Sheetstock can process a wide range of raw materials, including polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and so on. Sheet machines and other plastic machinery and equipment have the characteristics of processability, functionality and stability. High-efficiency plastic machinery equipment, such as sheet machines, is an ideal choice for industrial economic development.
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