extruder manufacturers Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

extruder manufacturers Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

Qingdao Branch of a plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is China's leading Chinese hdpe hollow tube winding pipe extruder manufacturers equipped with professional manufacturers, welcomed the wholesale cheap hdpe hollow tube winding tube extruder

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Hollow wall winding tube production line has a unique "work" shaped structure, high ring stiffness, high impact strength, light product quality, easy construction, easy installation; resistance to external pressure, acid, salt corrosion and other characteristics, life expectancy of more than 50 years, Widely used in municipal drainage, sewage treatment, road and railway drainage, agricultural irrigation. Cement pipe, cast iron pipe, ceramic tube replacement products, with a wide range of applications and market potential.

Large diameter hollow wall roll production lines include extruders and extrusion dies, molds, winder and molds, melt extruders, vacuum sizing systems, spray cans, cutting machines, discharge stations and production control systems.

Production line control system: Select Siemens PLC control system, intelligent control. General control with Siemens electrical components, Omron thermostat, easy to control and easy to operate.



Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of hdpe hollow pipe winding extruder manufacturers in China, welcome from our wholesale cheap machine.

Popular label: HDPE hollow wall roll extrusion production line



extruder manufacturers
extruder manufacturers
    Plastic sheet Extrusion Line
Plastic sheet Extrusion Line
extruder manufacturers         Plastic sheet Extrusion Line
extruder manufacturers Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

Extruder manufacturers Description Extruder
Extruder is the necessary mechanical equipment to promote the production of PVC pipe in PVC plastic pipe production line. It is also an important factor in ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency. The extruder should be used correctly.
The extruder is equipped with a dosing device so that the amount of extrusion and the amount of material to be added can be matched to ensure stable extrusion of the product. The feed section has a larger diameter, and has a larger heat transfer area and shear rate for the raw material, which is beneficial to the plasticization of the raw material. The screw diameter of the metering section is small, and the heat transfer area and the shear rate to the melt are reduced, so that the melt Physical energy is extruded at a lower temperature. When the screw rotates in the barrel, the mixture of the PVC pipe fittings is plasticized and pushed toward the machine head to achieve homogenization of compaction, melting and mixing, and the purpose of exhausting and dehydrating is achieved. The feeding device and the screw driving device adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize synchronous speed regulation.
Extrusion die head is a key component of PVC pipe fittings molding. After compacting, melting, mixing and homogenizing the PVC, the follow-up material is pushed to the die head through the screw to carry out product shaping and quality control.
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