pp sheet extruder Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

pp sheet extruder Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

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QINGDAO KECHUANG PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD.professional design, production PP-R pipe production line.

         PP-R new hot and cold water pipe production line is mainly used in the production of residential water supply system, industrial water transport, compressed air transport and other aspects of a wide range of applications of various diameter, wall thickness of the pipe, in the history of the development of international pipe, PP-R is the latest Promote the product, with cheap, non-toxic, no rust, high temperature, easy installation and so on.
         PP-R pipe production line is my company to introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology to develop their own new products, the screw and the head and other key components are designed according to the characteristics of PP-R. Control of electrical appliances using frequency control, the main electrical components imported brand-name products; the entire production line with high yield, stable quality, small product error characteristics, is the current press industry in the first-class equipment. At the same time, the production line can be adapted to PP-C, PE-X cross-linked pipe and polyolefin products. The company can provide process recipes and turnkey projects.

The main technical parameters:

管材机组型号  SJG-Z65x30-63  SJG-Z75x30-110 SJG-Z90x30-160
生产管材范围 /mm  Φ 20- Φ 63 Φ 75- Φ 110 Φ 110- Φ 160
螺杆直径 /mm  Φ 65 Φ75 Φ 90
螺杆长径比( L/D )  30 : 1 30 : 1 30 : 1
螺杆转速 /r.min-1  0-80 0-80 0-80
生产能力 /kg.h-1  30-120 50-150 100-250
牵引速度 /m.min-1  0-10 0-3 0-3
切割形式  刀片无屑切割 刀片无屑切割  刀片无屑切割
机组总功率 /kw  80 90 150

pp sheet extruder
pp sheet extruder
  Plastic sheet Extrusion Line
Plastic sheet Extrusion Line
pp sheet extruder   Plastic sheet Extrusion Line
pp sheet extruder Plastic sheet Extrusion Line

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line Production Method
The common method for producing plastic packaging sheets is calendering, which is mainly used to produce PVDC and other sheets; the other is extrusion method for producing BOPS, EPS, PET, PP, HIPS and other sheets. The sheets mentioned in this article refer mainly to the use of the "Extruder-T head-three roll calendering device - coiling" process for thermoforming.
Plastic sheet extruders, plastic sheet production lines, sheet production equipment, sheet extruders for a wide range of applications:
The production line can produce eva shoe materials, PE, PP or PVC sheets, calcium carbonate high (up to 50-75); equipment adaptability, can process PP, PE, ABS, PS and so on.
Applications: Car roofs, car trunks, car mats, etc.
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