pvc sheet production line plastic sheet suppliers

pvc sheet production line plastic sheet suppliers

My company mainly with the national grid production of various types of power cable sheathing production equipment production line inclusive MPP power pipe production line CPVC power pipe production line silicon core tube production line seven hole plum tube production line and other power pipe.

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MPP power pipe equipment details:

MPP power pipe equipment, the main components are SJSZ80 / 156 twin screw extruder, plastic power pipe extrusion die, pipe vacuum shaping box, three

Claw tractor, planetary cutting machine, automatic flaring machine and other components, MPP power pipe production line machinery and equipment auxiliary machinery screw feeder, high

Speed ​​mixing machine, crusher and other components.

MPP power pipe suitable for deep buried in the 2-18M range, the application of trenchless pipe laying technology does not pollute the environment, does not affect the traffic, the formation of small damage,

Construction is safe and reliable, short cycle, no need to transport and stacking complex soil, low cost, social benefits and high economic efficiency. Wide range of applications. And I plant

Development and production of modified MPP power cable jacket is the only way to use non-excavation technology for the construction of a pipeline, both to ensure the reliability of the network

Sex, reducing the failure rate of the network, but also to make the market environment has been greatly improved.

For the MPP large diameter thick-walled MPP power jacket pipe die, the selection of the most advanced international spiral or blue die technology, extrusion stable and reliable, mining

Water film lubrication and water ring cooling to meet the requirements of MPP materials to ensure high-speed production of thick-walled tube diameter and roundness of the stability, with oval correction

Installation, specially designed multi-stage straight and cooling device, special high-pressure cooling system to ensure that the large diameter, high pressure grade MPP cable sheathing pipe

Squeeze out.

Traction machine according to the specifications of the pipe can be used three claw type, six claw tractor, the use of European imports speed control system is stable and reliable operation, cutting machine using planetary cutting, electricity

Brain control a high degree of automation, long maintenance-free cycle. Jingke based on years of development and design and production experience, well-made MPP cable jacket pipe squeeze

Production line, diameter range from Φ63 ~ Φ315mm, MPP power jacket is widely used in the laying of urban power cables.


The company has an independent R & D team, and with a number of domestic institutions of long-term cooperation, the most competitive equipment has won praise from all walks of life. Kechuang concept: based on domestic technology to create the future of the world!


pvc sheet production line
pvc sheet production line
     plastic sheet suppliers
plastic sheet suppliers
pvc sheet production line      plastic sheet suppliers
pvc sheet production line plastic sheet suppliers

Pvc sheet production line features
The screw adopts a special mixing function and a high plasticizing capacity design, so that the plastic melts, the color is uniform, and the extrusion volume increases. The coat hanger die adopts a special double throttle design to make the thickness adjustment of the plate more accurate.
Temperature control ± 1 °C, can accurately control the plasticization process and plate thickness, flatness. The three-roll calender adopts horizontal, vertical or 45° tilt type, which can be freely lifted to provide more selectivity during the operation of thick plate and improve the quality of the plate.
Plate thickness control using screw adjustment and hydraulic pressure roller two-way adjustment, can accurately control the plate thickness. The independently controlled roller simplified temperature control system can accurately control the temperature of the press roller to make the plate uniform in thickness. Slicer, the length and quantity of sheet are precise. The winding table device adopts an advanced torque motor, which can adjust the speed and take-up tension at will to achieve the purpose of flattening the thin plate. With the slitting device, the required product width can be freely set. This machine is equipped with an automatic rice counter that can set the product length.
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