PVC Imitation Marble Board Extrusion Machine

Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of pvc imitation marble sheet extruder manufacturers, professional manufacturers, welcome wholesale cheap marble plate wholesale extruder, PVC imitation marble plate production machine

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Kechuang imitation marble production process is as follows:

Mixer → Screw Loader → SJSZ80 Twin Screw Extruder → Mold → Three Roll Calendar (Online Lamination) → Cooling Group Roller → Traction → Crosscutting Machine → Trimming Machine → Conveyor → UV Treatment

PVC imitation marble plate made of PVC material, with waterproof, anti-corrosion and light effect.

Products with marble patterns, granite patterns, imitation wood, the principle of patterns, solid color semi-permeable heart and other patterns.

It has the characteristics of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-skid, pressure, stable quality, low price, simple construction and so on. Compared with other flooring materials, it has better performance and better decorative effect. It is suitable for activities room, factory, Home office and other occasions.


Kechuang is one of China's pvc imitation marble sheet extruder manufacturers, equipped with professional manufacturers, welcome from our wholesale cheap machine.

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