Kela tube production line

Kela tube production line

I launched the company year after year new products for China's plastics machinery and plastic products made a significant contribution to the development.

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This is the description of Kela tube production line
Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. with 16 years of experience in plastic machinery, formed a design, manufacture, production, sales and service as one of the through-train service. The company can also be based on customer needs to complete the equipment innovation and delivery, and constantly improve the product features, so that equipment operation easier, more practical, more environmentally friendly.

Pull pipe performance characteristics:

1, excellent physical properties. High-density polyethylene has good rigidity, strength, but also very good flexibility, creep resistance, and high density polyethylene more hot melt connection performance is excellent, is conducive to the installation of plastic pipe.
2, corrosion-resistant, long life, in China's coastal areas, the groundwater level is high, the land humidity, and PE pipe can withstand a variety of chemical media erosion, no anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, it will not promote algae, bacteria or fungi growth, the service life of 100 years.
3. The high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, Wall pipe welding seam quality, pipe with air cooling, material cooling evenly. In particular, the structural design of the flat material of the weld seam was covered with covered with support tube to improve the overall anti-external pressure products. The horizontal layer of the pipe and the reinforced structure are welded in the molten state, the weld quality is high, there is no internal stress, and the overall strength of the pipe is high.

4, ring flexibility
Plastic tube is a flexible tube, in the external pressure load, flexible tube and rigid tube to withstand the load mechanism is completely different. Flexible tube in the pressure before the damage can be a greater deformation, and rigid tube in the external pressure before the damage can not have a greater deformation. When the rigid tube by the external pressure, the load completely through the pipe wall to the bottom of the tube bed, pipe wall in the bending moment, with the pipe diameter increases, the wall of the bending moment and the sharp increase in stress, so large diameter Concrete drains often require reinforcement: the flexible tube deforms before compression - the lateral expansion, the backfill soil around the pipe can act to prevent the deformation and expansion of the flexible tube, and the external pressure load is transferred and distributed to Around the backfill. Therefore, under the same external pressure load under the flexible tube wall stress is small, it and the surrounding backfill together to bear the load, pipe soil together. Therefore, the plastic buried drain pipe and rigid concrete pipe without the same strength and stiffness, in a reasonable stiffness, is fully able to meet the requirements, which has been developed in Europe, the practice of proven yin.

4. toughness, good flexibility.
PE pipe is a high toughness pipe, the elongation at break of more than 500%, the foundation of the uneven settlement and dislocation of the adaptability is very strong, good shock resistance, therefore, the most suitable for earthquake-prone areas, the practice around the world Proof PE pipe is the best resistance to the pipeline. It is reported that in 1995 the Kobe earthquake in Japan, PE pipe and water supply pipe is the only unbroken pipeline. In addition, the PE pipe is flexible PE pipe can be rolled (especially small pipe diameter pipe), reducing the number of connecting pipe fittings. The direction of the PE pipe is easy to change according to the requirements of the construction method. In the construction, the pipe can be allowed to bend around the radius of the obstacles to reduce the difficulty of construction.

5, the flow of large, economically cost-effective. PE pipe wall is smooth, no scaling. PE pipe surface equivalent absolute rough ratio is the steel pipe 1/20, the same diameter, the same length, the same pressure under the PE pipe its circulation capacity than steel pipe about 30%, so the economic advantages. Compared with the metal pipe, PE pipe can reduce the investment of about one-third (more than 200 mm diameter tube costs slightly higher), can be a small diameter pipe, can further reduce the project cost.

6, the installation of excellent performance, the use of pipe connections in the socket embedded with the same material fuse fuse welding technology, high quality connection. Can be 100% without leakage, to ensure the consistency of the pipeline system life and operation of the security. At the same time, because the product in the same application conditions than other pipe light weight, easy to transport, construction convenient and quick, can reduce the construction costs, in the scope of application, without concrete cushion and concrete pipe channel can be directly after the pipe , Basically do the side of the excavation, under the tube, side backfill, simplifying the construction process, shortening the duration. In the project acceptance, the use of closed-air test instead of closed-water test, both to speed up the acceptance rate, but also closed water test in the complicated work and a large number of test costs.
7, good sealing PE pipe itself using the welding connection (hot melt or fused), in essence, to ensure that the interface material, structure and body of the identity of the body to achieve the integration of joints and pipe. The tensile strength and blasting strength of the interface are higher than those of the pipe body, which can effectively resist the axial stress produced by the internal pressure. Therefore, compared with the rubber ring or other mechanical joints, there is no distortion caused by the risk of leakage, sealing performance is very good.
8, good resistance to stress cracking: PE pipe with a low gap sensitivity, high shear strength of the segment of the different anti-trace ability, resistance to environmental stress is very prominent.

9, low temperature impact resistance: PE pipe low temperature embrittlement temperature is very low, in -60 degrees Celsius temperature range safe use. In the northern part of China, in the winter field laying of polyethylene buried water, summed up an experience is not suitable for the laying of zero below the construction, because when the polyethylene pipe is easy to brittle.

10, good wear resistance. Polyethylene tube and steel pipe wear resistance comparison experiments show that: its wear resistance is 4 times the steel pipe.
11, has a good resistance to 222 scratch ability. Studies have shown that PE grade PE pipe has a better ability to resist SCG and scratch resistance. PE100 grade pipe is a more excellent anti-scratch ability.

12, good resistance to fast crack transmission capacity. Cracking refers to the cracks in the pipeline, the crack at a very fast rate of transmission, and instantly possible damage to the pipeline, the consequences could be disastrous. Practice shows that in the plastic pipe PE pipe resistance to crack transmission capacity stronger than other pipes.

13, winding pipe material, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene can be 100% recycled

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