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In the SJSZ-65 * 22 conical twin-screw extruder and the corresponding wave plate forming machine, the tractor and cutting machine supporting the use of continuous production of building and flame retardant plastic UPVC color weather plate. If the replacement parts can also be related to the production of lattice plate, with a stable plasticizing performance, compact structure, high degree of automation, easy operation, is the ideal manufacturer of production equipment.


The main technical parameters:

Host Model: SJSZ-65 * 22

Head form: ampoule flat nose L = 1000mm

Forming device:

Large wave: R = 15h = 16.5 Waves: 63mm

Wavelet: R = 9h = 8 Waves: 36mm

Cooling die size: 1000mm 540mm

cool down:

Traction speed: 0.5-5mm / min

Traction shaft length: 1000mm

Traction power: 2.2KW (frequency)

Cutting method: cutting (pneumatic)

Cutting distance: 500mm

Working pressure gas line: 0.4-0.6MPa

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