PVC pipe production line and PPR pipe production line energy saving modification notice

2017-10-19 10:26:37 Article Source: Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. should be the majority of customer requirements and proposals in the past few months on the original PVC pipe production line, PPR pipe production line, to warm pipe production line, wood-plastic sheet production line, wood-plastic production line and carbon spiral Production line for the improvement of the extruder, the company's existing production lines can be installed energy-saving systems and equipment, this set of equipment can make electricity cheaper and more economical. Kechuang company has implemented the interests of customers first, will be in the work of the company will have the winding pipe production line bellows production line plastic pipe production line plastic profile production line plastic sheet production line HDPE large diameter winding pipe production line carbon spiral pipe production line PVC deduction plate production line PVC carbon spiral pipe production line wood-plastic door production line PVC sheet production line at the same time transformation and upgrading. The company promised to show the most favorable to consumers of high-end equipment.

PVC fiber reinforced hose production line:

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