PVC window profile extruder use, scope, equipment composition and characteristics

2017-09-05 14:39:08 Article Source: Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

1, PVC window profile extruder use and scope of application
The production line is mainly used for the production of PVC materials, doors and windows series profile, sheet, micro-foam profile, micro-foam decorative plates. Such as PVC steel doors and windows, PVC Kouban, PVC trunking, PVC hollow grid plate, and so on.PVC Window Profile Extrusion Machine At the same time, the equipment can also be properly modified PE, PVC wood profiles, wood flooring, building templates and other products, providing equipment, molds, recipes and other train services.

2, PVC window profile extruder equipment composition and characteristics
I produced the PVC profile production line unique structure, a high degree of automation, easy operation, continuous production of stable and reliable.
Production process: raw materials → twin-screw extruder → profile mold → vacuum table → traction machine → online cutting machine → finished product stacking

3, PVC window extruder equipment main features:
Extrusion equipment: Cone twin screw extruder, large output, high efficiency, with Omron temperature control table, frequency control and other advanced technology, to the domestic advanced level. Auxiliary machine vacuum pump and traction motor electrical appliances are used quality products, easy maintenance. Replacement of different molds, more can produce a variety of products without the use of a wide range.

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