Plastic Plate Extrusion Produnction line

2017-12-08 16:50:38 Article Source: Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Plastic machinery granulator to our life has brought a different color. Plastic granulation design and production concept of major changes once again, a full set of three-dimensional, systematic service program introduced to the machinery maker to bring the fight at the same time to bring more benefits to customers.

In recent years, the international plastic granulator with a full set of process solutions available to the market, plastic granulator manufacturing made a life-changing service-oriented manufacturing strategic transformation, and service-oriented manufacturing is from "low" to "high "The development concept of high-end refers to the international high-end value-division of industrial division, such as the plastic granulator manufacturing high-end only understood as a single piece of equipment, advanced technology, will lead to industrial-type road.

High-end plastic pelletizing machine manufacturing is a full set of solutions to solve the "potential demand" of plastic products in relevant fields / industries. The innovative plastic molding technology and equipment come from a full range of solutions of "potential demand" in relevant fields / industries R & D in the process. If only plastic pelletizing equipment is made, it is inevitably at the lower end of the value chain and most of the added value is owned by a full solution provider of "potentially desirable" plastic pellets.

Service-oriented manufacturing shows that the manufacture of high-end plastic machinery granulator refers to the plastic pelletizer in the high-end of the value chain of a complete solution, highlighting the capabilities of its molding process as well as the advanced technology of measuring the technical level of plastic pelletizer standard. Some only misunderstood the technical progress of the plastic granulator as adopting certain new technologies, new techniques for manufacturing, new testing methods and new supporting parts on the original equipment, but there was no substantive technological progress in the forming and processing capacity. Only to provide better solutions for a full set of solutions equipment, still in the low end of the value chain.

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