PVC board extrusion machine

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PE Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line

PE Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line

Introduction:PC Hollow profile sheet exhibits extremely high light transmittance. This product is resistant to weather, fire, impact, and is light weight, insulates heat, and is resistant to UV rays.

PVC Plate extrusion production line

PVC Plate extrusion production line

Our products sell well at home and abroad, exported to Russia, Iran, Africa, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Syria, Mongolia and other countries and regions

plastic sheet production line

PVC imitation marble plate equipment

Qingdao kechuang professional production of PE / PP, PVC sheet equipment, imitation marble equipment production line

Plastic Pipe machine

HDPE large diameter hollow winding pipe production line

HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe, is the national key scientific and technological 15 key projects. I am through the introduction of foreign companies to digest foreign advanced technology, has been successfully developed!

PE steel spiral wound pipe production line

Steel spiral corrugated pipe production line

The reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated pipe is characterized by high density polyethylene (PE) as the matrix (inner and outer layer), the surface coated with adhesive resin steel strip into a waveform as the main support structure, and with the Polyethylene material winding compound to form the whole

plastic sheet production line     Plastic sheet machine

plastic sheet production line Plastic sheet machine

The production of HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe (200mm - 3000mm) has a unique "work" font structure, which has a high ring stiffness, high impact strength, low weight creep resistance, resistance to external pressure, Acid, alkali, salt, etc.) corrosion, no pollution, long life (up to 50 years) and so on.

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PC optical plate production line

Qingdao Kechuang Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic pipe equipment, plastic sheet metal equipment, plastic profile equipment and various plastic products of plastic machinery manufacturers. Welcome friends consultation procurement!

PVC pipe making machinery

PVC Extruding Granulation Unit Production Line

This is the description of PVC Extrrding Granulation Unit Production Line Qingdao Kechuang plastic & mechanic CO.,LTD provided plastic machinery and plastic machine and extruder Mould 

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